Up My Alley

A novella

About the book

I went to work this morning straight as a bowling lane. 

Tonight the curves I’m appreciating on my roommate aren’t just the ones he rolls. 

What the hell happened?

After splitting with my high school sweetheart, I moved in with my recently divorced best friend and bowling league teammate Hudson. It makes financial sense, and I like having him around. We’re total opposites, but it works.

With how often we hang out and talk about each other, Hudson and I are constantly teased about basically being married. But it’s perfectly normal to want to be around him all the time. And hey, it’s not my fault he sends me to work with a fresh batch of my favorite cookies. So what if we like the same nerdy shows? Hello? Best friends!

But when I realize my feelings are deeper than I thought, things get confusing. It sure doesn’t help when I overhear his “alone time” and get really turned on. The thread holding my self-control together is thinner than our walls. We’re both straight for crying out loud. At least I think we are.

How can I risk ruining the perfect living situation and my amazing friendship with Hudson over feelings that might not be returned?

Up My Alley is a low angst MM romance about roommates and best friends who become lovers, opposites who attract, and a double bisexual and pansexual awakening. It’s got bowling puns, getting carried away while watching a steamy show, and shenanigans from a friend whose teasing has the accuracy of a strike.

Tropes: Double bisexual and pansexual awakening, best friends to lovers, roommates to lovers

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