Pitcher Perfect

Tap That Brewery series #1

About the book
When a workaholic brewer and a lonely chef team up to win a prestigious food and beer competition, they might find the perfect pairing in each other.

Me and my friends knew that when we joined forces to open Tap That Brewery, we needed to do more than just make great brews to break into the crowded Oregon beer scene. When we get an opportunity to enter a beer and food pairing competition, I know our best bet is to join forces with Caleb, a.k.a. the cute as hell new food truck chef in town. The brewery keeps me too busy to date, but I can’t ignore his sexy sincerity or disarming smile. Spoiler alert: My feelings are growing faster than the head of foam on a badly poured beer.

It’s hard to be a newcomer in a charming small town like Dahlia Springs. I’m determined to live my dream of upgrading my food truck to a restaurant, and I even found the perfect space. But the cantankerous owner is reluctant to trust an outsider. Maybe teaming up with the local queer brewery is just what I need to prove I’m here for the long haul. The problem is, Austin, the adorable brewer who likes chefs about as much as food poisoning, also happens to be the key ingredient to the family I’ve been craving.

Pitcher Perfect is a low angst, steamy, and sweet MM contemporary romance about two men who discover they’re the perfect pairing. It’s the first in the Tap That Brewery series, which features four best friends who co-own a queer brewery together. It’s full of teasing as a love language, found family, more f-bombs than necessary, and a small town you’ll wish you could visit. Each book can be read as a standalone, though you may find it most enjoyable to read the series in order. Happily ever afters are guaranteed, and no cliffhangers!

Tropes: Competition

Content information and trigger warnings

Anxiety: One of the main characters experiences anxiety. It is not clinical or chronic, but does appear throughout the book as something the character is aware of.

Migraines: One character experiences migraines and there is one scene where a main character experiences a migraine. It is described in detail during that scene.

Mention of parent death: The death happened many years before and off-page. It’s referenced, but not in detail.

Mention of absent parenting: Discussion of absent parents who prioritized career and left their child for later teenage years with a relative. It’s backstory for a main character, but is relevant to the story.

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