Perfect Blend

A novella

About the book

Moving on after a divorce sucks, especially in a small town where everyone’s all up in your business. And they’re always in my business, given that I run the only coffee shop in town. I miss having someone to come home to, but focusing on my work gives me a purpose and won’t end in heartache. I couldn’t have made it this far without my friend Bricker from the online queer divorce support group. We tell each other everything. Well, everything except the personal details.

When Mikey, my high school crush, visits Dahlia Springs to write a story about our Pride Festival, I share my apprehension and excitement about falling for someone again with Bricker. Funny, he’s in the same situation himself. I’m worried I’ll need Bricker’s support more than ever, because I’m falling for Mikey fast, and if he gets the promotion he’s expecting, he’ll be halfway across the country by next month.

But Mikey says he has feelings for me too, and he proves it by donning sequins and high heels to help me save our amateur drag night. I can’t ask him to give up his dream job, and everything I have is tied to Dahlia Springs.

I hope Bricker’s ready for all the messages I’m about to send him.

Perfect Blend is a low angst MM novella featuring friends to lovers, a secret online identity, and a swoon-worthy HEA. This is a standalone story set in Lee Blair’s Dahlia Springs universe.

Tropes: Secret online identity

Content information and trigger warnings

Divorce: both main characters are divorced and it’s central to part of how they know each other. It’s a light thread throughout and is discussed or appears in internal narration several times.

Children: Wanting children is central backstory to one of the main character’s divorces. It’s mentioned a couple of times, but is not a central part of the story.

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