Mistletoe Kisses

Dare Me Christmas Duo #1

About the book

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…until you get laid off.

The fastest way to trigger my anxiety is losing my job at the holidays. Fortunately, I can always count on my platonic bestie to keep me grounded. Except our commiseration drinks lead to planning pre-Christmas vacays for each other, so instead of grounding me, my bestie sends me flying to Dahlia Springs, Oregon.

Did I mention we each have to complete a dare? Mine is to meet the side of my family who has no idea I exist.

On my first day in town, a hot sauce mishap gets my chestnuts roasting like they’re in an open fire. But Lucas, my server in shining armor, comes to my NSFW rescue. And instead of just handing me my bill and wishing me a happy holidays, he becomes my jingle bell rock while I try to work up the courage to tell my family who I really am.

Soon my gratitude turns into deeper feelings for Lucas, and I don’t want to imagine facing the new year without him.

But I have a life back home, and it would take a Christmas miracle to let me stay in Dahlia Springs.

Or maybe it would just take a dare.

Mistletoe Kisses is a low angst M/M romance full of small-town holiday cheer with a vacation romance, opposites attract, and forced proximity. It’s half of the Dare Me Christmas Duo, but each book is a standalone romance. If you’ve read other books in Lee’s Dahlia Springs universe, like 24 Dares of Christmas, you’ll recognize some beloved characters.

Tropes: Vacation romance, opposites attract, forced proximity

Content information and trigger warnings

While the holidays are a time for celebration, they can also be a time for stress and anxiety and bring up difficult memories and complicated family dynamics. In this story, there’s discussion of a main character’s anxiety, a deceased parent, and connecting with family a main character has never met before. The death happened during active military service when the main character was a baby and is not described in detail.

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