Just Watch Me

A novella

About the book
My idea of an adventure is logging into my favorite game and meeting up with my online friends from the safety of my couch. I’m happy in my boring and predictable life. I certainly don’t need a gorgeous man moving into my building to mix things up.

When my neighbor brings home a fresh hookup, I mean to close the blinds. I really do! It’s just that he has a tattoo and shows all that skin, and well, I’m ashamed to say I get busted. It’s not my fault he never closes his blinds and our studio apartments stare right into each other’s. I try to ignore my shame until, one day, my neighbor puts on a show, and like the magic of my favorite video games—I forget how to be boring. I’m drawn by his looks, but ensnared by his kindness. I never expected to talk to him, let alone become friends, and 
especially not more.

Just Watch Me is a 38,000-word low angst, super sweet, gay romance with steam about a tech geek who tumbles out of his comfort zone thanks to his gorgeous, temporary neighbor. This book is for fans of ridiculous T-shirts, secret geeks, all the cheese, neighbors who become lovers, and a homebody falling for someone always on the move.

Tropes: Neighbors-to-lovers, opposites attract

Content information and trigger warnings

Mild exhibitionism and voyeurism: It’s important to the beginning of the book, but isn’t a major factor in the story. So if you’re not interested in those kinks, it’s not a major element. But if that’s what you’re looking for, you might be disappointed.

Anxiety: One of the main characters experiences anxiety regularly. It is not clinical or chronic, but the character does thing about it numerous times throughout the book. It is connected to how the character operates throughout the story.

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