Eternal Hoptimist

Tap That Brewery series #2

About the book


I’ve got a reputation as too quick to fall in love among the merry band of misfits I co-own Tap That Brewery with. Relationships are all rainbows and unicorns until I inevitably get dumped. I’ve had enough of being kicked to the curb, so I make a dating hiatus my New Year’s resolution.

My resolve is challenged when I keep bumping into a gorgeous guy whose “date me” vibes are as potent as his pheromones. Resolution aside, I don’t even have time for romance because I’ve got to help my great-aunt save her house—the one place I felt safe in as a kid. But when I discover the gorgeous guy is not only hot but an attorney who might be able to help me? I get an idea that just might put my resolution to the test…


I’m on the cusp of being named the youngest partner in my law firm’s history. Except for the pesky detail that I’m unattached, and no single attorney has been promoted to partner. I never fail when I set my mind to something. If only I had a boyfriend to help me seal the deal.

But how am I going to find a boyfriend when I can barely manage to sleep with my workload? When a cute guy with an addictive smile proposes an arrangement that might get me the promotion of my dreams, there’s a chance I could have it all. As long as he doesn’t object first.

Eternal Hoptimist is a low angst, steamy, and sweet MM contemporary romance about two men who fake date their way to love. It’s book two in the Tap That Brewery series, which features four best friends who co-own a queer brewery together. It’s full of teasing as a love language, found family, spicy education, and a small town you’ll wish you could visit. Each book can be read as a standalone, though you may find it most enjoyable to read the series in order. The jokes hit better that way. Happily ever afters are guaranteed, and no cliffhangers!

Tropes: Fake relationship

Content information and trigger warnings

Kink: One main character is inexperienced with kink and wants to change that. Kink is a major thread of the fake relationship. There’s some light kink in the book, but it’s not a kinky story. Specific kinks include blindfolds, restraints, temperature play, and minor power play.

Homophobia: There’s vague mention of a main character’s grandfather not accepting him for several reasons, including his sexuality. It’s not heavily detailed and is mentioned as part of the character’s backstory.

Judgmental parents: One main character feels judged by his parents for not living up to their expectations. There’s a tense conversation with them.

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