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Content information and trigger warnings

This page contains spoiler-adjacent information by listing content information and trigger warnings in Lee's books. Some of the topics below might not be triggering but rather something a person might want to know about going in to mentally prepare for in case it's a personal challenging topic.

Lee believes it's important to make this information available to those who want it. Though, she recognizes some people avoid any spoiler-related information, which is why it's listed on a separate page from the books page.

Find the subhead for whichever book(s) you're interested in (they're alphabetical by title) and read about potential triggering content and other topics within each book.

All of Lee's books include cursing and explicit/described sex.

24 Dares of Christmas book cover. Smiling man wearing a Santa hat. Snowflakes in the background

24 Dares of Christmas

Discussion of debt and business troubles: One main character is struggling with paying off debt in the book. There's discussion of its impact and how to address it.

Man smiling and wearing an apron. Eternal Hoptimist book cover

Eternal Hoptimist

Kink: One main character is inexperienced with kink and wants to change that. Kink is a major thread of the fake relationship. There's kink in the book, but it's not a kink book. Specific kinks include blindfolds, restraints, temperature play, and minor power play.

Homophobia: There's vague mention of a main character's grandfather not accepting him for several reasons, including his sexuality. It's not heavily detailed and is mentioned as part of the character's backstory.

Judgmental parents: One main character feels judged by his parents for not living up to their expectations. There's a tense conversation with them.

Book cover of a man pulling a shirt over his head with bare chest showing

Just Watch Me

Mild exhibitionism and voyeurism: It's important to the beginning of the book, but isn't a major factor in the story. So if you're not interested in those kinks, it's not a major element. But if that's what you're looking for, you might be disappointed.

Anxiety: One of the main characters experiences anxiety regularly. It is not clinical or chronic, but the character does thing about it numerous times throughout the book. It is connected to how the character operates throughout the story.

Book cover of a man smiling while wearing a blue collared shirt and apron in a coffee shop

Perfect Blend

Divorce: both main characters are divorced and it's central to part of how they know each other. It's a light thread throughout and is discussed or appears in internal narration several times.

Children: Wanting children is central backstory to one of the main character's divorces. It's mentioned a couple of times, but is not a central part of the story.

Book cover of a smiling man holding a barrel over his shoulder

Pitcher Perfect

Anxiety: One of the main characters experiences anxiety. It is not clinical or chronic, but does appear throughout the book as something the character is aware of.

Migraines: One character experiences migraines and there is one scene where a main character experiences a migraine. It is described in detail during that scene.

Mention of parent death: The death happened many years before and off-page. It's referenced, but not in detail.

Mention of absent parenting: Discussion of absent parents who prioritized career and left their child for later teenage years with a relative. It's backstory for a main character, but is relevant to the story.