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Want a list of Lee's books by publication date and a chronological timeline list of the Dahlia Springs books?

Graphic of a mountain in sunset with trees below. Text reads Dahlia Springs with several dahlia flowers on each side


Most of Lee's books are set in Dahlia Springs—a fictional progressive, small town in western Oregon. Dahlia Springs is full of punny business names, queer babes, and charming festivals at home in a Hallmark movie.

Tap That Brewery Series

Black silhouette of man drinking out of a rainbow beer can. Text reads Tap That Brewery: Dahlia Springs
Book cover of a smiling man holding a barrel over his shoulder

Pitcher Perfect (Tap That Brewery #1)

Man smiling and wearing an apron. Eternal Hoptimist book cover

Eternal Hoptimist (Tap That Brewery #2)

Relief Pitcher Ebook(1)

Relief Pitcher (Tap That Brewery #3)

The Tap That Brewery series follows four best friends—Austin, Ethan, Ty, and Dom—and owners of Tap That Brewery in Dahlia Springs (and Ty's brother Seth). Tap That is a queer-themed brewery full of fun and shenanigans. Each story is low angst and full of sweet, heat, humor, and found family. If you love following a friendship group who are truly #SquadGoals, this series is for you!

Christmas books

If your ideal Christmas books are Hallmark vibes with steam, these stories are for you!

24 Dares of Christmas book cover. Smiling man wearing a Santa hat. Snowflakes in the background

24 Dares of Christmas

Mistletoe Kisses

Mistletoe Kisses (A Dare Me Holiday Duo #1)


Book cover of a man smiling while wearing a blue collared shirt and apron in a coffee shop

Perfect Blend (novella)

Story in an anthology

Midnight in the Renaissance Elevator

Midnight in the Renaissance Elevator charity anthology (Short story: Up My Alley)

Tap That Brewery journals

Tap That Brewery Lined Journal

Tap That Brewery journal with blank pages

Tap That Brewery Blank Journal

Tap That Brewery journal with dot grid pages

Tap That Brewery Dot Grid Journal

Dahlia Springs journals

Dahlia Springs journal with lined pages

Dahlia Springs Lined Journal

Dahlia Springs journal with blank pages

Dahlia Springs Blank Journal

Dahlia Springs journal with dot grid pages

Dahlia Springs Dot Grid Journal



Christmas Wishes

Christmas Wishes (A Dare Me Holiday Duo #2)

Book cover of a man pulling a shirt over his head with bare chest showing

Just Watch Me (novella)


book cover of topless man leaning against fence

Good Catch (short story)