I write low-angst, queer, contemporary romance that’s full of fun and feels. Most of my books are set in my Dahlia Springs universe. Dahlia Springs is a small town in Western Oregon that’s full of fun festivals, kind but nosy people, and a higher than average number of queer people. Imagine that. *grin* I’ve tried to build the kind of small town you wish you could visit in real life.

Each of my books are a standalone romance, even if they’re in a series. With my Dahlia Springs books, you’ll start to recognize some townie secondary characters and sometimes you’ll even encounter leading characters from other books too.

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Where to start

I want an introduction to Dahlia Springs.

  • Read Perfect Blend. Chronologically, this is the first story happening in Dahlia Springs. It’s also a novella so it gives you a taste of the town without a big commitment.

I want to dive into a series.

  • Read Pitcher Perfect. This is book one in the Tap That Brewery series, which follows a group of best friends running a brewery together.

I’m in the mood for a Christmas story.

  • Read 24 Dares of Christmas. This is my first Christmas book and has all the Hallmark vibes (but with spice).

I want a story not connected to Dahlia Springs.

  • Read Just Watch Me. This is a standalone novella set in Portland.

I want a free story.

  • Read Up My Alley. This novella is available on BookFunnel for free.

Tap That Brewery series

The Tap That Brewery Series follows best friends who run a brewery in the small town of Dahlia Springs, Oregon. This low angst series is sweet, steamy, and full of laughs. If you enjoy found family, teasing as a love language, swoony romance that’ll leave you smiling, and townies who mean well—you’ll love this series.
Black silhouette of a man drinking a rainbow can of beer. Tap That Brewery written over a rainbow banner at the bottom with Dahlia Springs below it.
Pitcher Perfect by Lee Blair. A smiling Caucasian man wearing a denim shirt and apron is holding a keg over his shoulder. He has dark hair and light blue eyes.

Pitcher Perfect

Tap That Brewery #1

Eternal Hoptimist by Lee Blair. A smiling Caucasian man with light brown hair is wearing a beige shirt and apron and holding a box of beer bottles.

Eternal Hoptimist

Tap That Brewery #2

Relief Pitcher by Lee Blair. A smiling Caucasian man has his arms crossed and wearing a dark shirt. He's standing in front of large kegs.

Relief Pitcher

Tap That Brewery #3

Dare Me Christmas Duo

When Arlo and Keaton—platonic besties, roommates and coworkers—get laid off at the holidays, neither is feeling that festive cheer. They hatch a drunken plan to dip into their severance to send each other on a trip before Christmas. They each arrive at their vacation destinations armed with a dare issued by the other and a hope for some much-needed R&R before they begin the job hunt. Neither expect to meet men who have them questioning what they really want out of their lives.

Mistletoe Kisses is Arlo’s story and is set in Dahlia Springs universe. Characters from 24 Dares of Christmas and other Dahlia Springs favorites appear, but it’s not necessary to read the other books first.

Christmas Wishes is Keaton’s story and is set in a brand new fictional town in Northern Arizona.

Both books are standalone romances and set during the same time period. You can expect low angst, Hallmark vibes with steam, and enough festive cheer to give you a holiday hangover.

Mistletoe Kisses by Lee Blair. A smiling Caucasian man has red hair and a red beard. He's wearing a light blue button-up shirt and is standing in front of half of a Christmas tree.

Mistletoe Kisses

Dare Me Christmas Duo #1

Christmas Wishes by Lee Blair. A smiling man with olive skin and dark, curly, short hair is wearing a red sweater. He's pointing over his shoulder at the half Christmas tree he's standing in front of.

Christmas Wishes

Dare Me Christmas Duo #2


Perfect Blend by Lee Blair. A smiling Caucasian man with dirty blond hair is wearing a dark denim shirt and an apron, standing in a cafe.

Perfect Blend

24 Dares of Christmas by Lee Blair. A smiling Caucasian man has a brown beard and is wearing a Santa hat. He's holding two candy canes making the shape of a heart.

24 Dares of Christmas

Just Watch Me in purple letters. Man's torso over a dark background. Forearms and torso are visible while he's lifting a shirt over his head, blocking his face. By Lee Blair.

Just Watch Me*

*Not set in Dahlia Springs

Free stories

Up My Alley by Lee Blair. A smiling Caucasian man with dark brown hair is wearing a white and blue checkered shirt. He's holding a bowling ball and standing in front of a bowling lane.

Up My Alley

Good Catch by Lee Blair. Topless Caucasian man leaning against a fence outside with his arms above his head.

Good Catch*

*Not set in Dahlia Springs

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