Hi, I’m Lee (she/her)

I’m a queer author and screenwriter from Oregon who loves writing LGBTQIA2S+ books that make people smile, laugh, and swoon. All my stories are low angst and full of communication p0rn.

Most of my books are set in the fictional small town of Dahlia Springs, Oregon. Though a lot of my books are in series, they’re all standalone romances.

I also host the Low Angst Library podcast where I interview fellow authors who write low-angst queer romance.

Keep scrolling to learn about my writing journey.

Smiling Caucasian woman wearing a denim jacket and glasses with dark hair, sitting in front of shrubs
Two orange cats. One is stretched out and resting her head on the other's leg.

Fun facts

  • I have two ginger cats who are a bonded pair and siblings. Archie and Aggie love belly rubs!
  • I strongly believe that buying books and reading books are two separate hobbies.
  • Speaking of hobbies, I have a ton of them. My favorite hobby of all is trying new hobbies! My go-to ones are crochet and embroidery. Lately I’ve been trying to learn watercolor and hope to try stained glass. Gardening is a recent favorite too.
  • I’m a cancer survivor (over 10 years, baby!).
  • I love crystals, tarot cards, moon phases, and all things witchy.
  • Thanks to TikTok (specifically: Lesbian TikTok), I realized my queerness in my late thirties. Now it makes sense why I’ve been such a fierce ally for years and always loved rainbows…
  • I’m obsessed with Scotland. Obsessed. No words can describe the beauty of that place. I’m a spoiled Oregonian surrounded by lush greenery and couldn’t believe my eyes there.
  • My friends tease me for loving it when all the queens get along on Drag Race and no one gets sent home. I know it’s not RuPaul’s Best Friend’s Race, but…
  • I worked at DisneyWorld in college. The first time I went into the tunnels under Magic Kingdom, I saw Minnie and Mickie with their heads off and smoking. That’s the day the magic died.

How did I get started with writing books?

The year after I graduated college, I threw myself into reading vampire fiction. Getting to pick my own books was way more fun than assigned reading.

I stumbled upon a light and funny vampire romance. After reading all the Anne Rice I could get my hands on, it was quite a shock to read funny vampires. I didn’t even know that was such a thing.

When I looked up the book, I discovered it was a romance. I’d never read romance before and immediately realized I’d had some seriously wrong misconceptions about what they were. I threw myself into reading all the romance I could (especially paranormal romance).

I’d also always had an interest in writing, but never quite figured out what I wanted to write. Until I read that romance, and it all fell into place.

Shortly after reading that first book, I began researching how to write a romance. Despite starting this journey nearly twenty years ago, it took me about ten years to finish writing a full book. Then it took me another seven years before publishing my first book.

Two years into my publishing journey, I have over ten books in the world. I can’t wait to bring you more low-angst, queer goodness to read!

Caucasian woman smiling and wearing black glasses. She's holding a bouquet of orange, pink and yellow dahlias and standing in front of a dahlia field and blue skies.

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